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Tally App Challenge is an event where students can learn how to develop a mobile app by having mentors from App Innovators, a mobile app/website development company. 

This whole web design was inspired by the event's logo;'s colors and shapes to keep the consistency throughout the campaign.

CSI Contracting is a cerified General Contracting/Construction Management Firm.

Using the color scheme of the existing logo, this website was designed to look modern and professional.

- The Original Website -

The International Leadership Course is an intensive two-year high school English program for students to learn to succeed in a competitive international environment.

The website was redesigned to look cleaner and more professional with consistent coloring and navigation that is easier and more user-friendly.

Brehon Family Services is a corporation in Tallahassee dedicated to improving the lives of children.

This website was designed to have a visual connection between their brand and the website looks; therefore I incorporated the diamond shapes which represents the “kites” in their logo, and I also used the blue and green gradient color to match with the brand’s color to make the website look more dynamic but still have the brand’s identity.

McKenzie Tank Lines, Inc. is a transportation service provider to serve a host of the nation’s leading industrial companies in the South East and across the country and Canada. They transport chemicals, propane and petroleum products.

The simple interface design makes the website easy to navigate and having minimal colors makes the website's look consistent and less overwhelming. 

This is a previous H₂ website.


The background image of water matches with the H₂ graphic and the overall brand of H₂. However, this background image also creates an overwhelming and busy look to the portfolio, so H₂ decided to update to the current one you are viewing.

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