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Tally App Challenge is an event where students can learn how to develop a mobile app by having mentors from App Innovators, a mobile app/website development company. 

This whole web design was inspired by the event's logo;'s colors and shapes to keep the consistency throughout the campaign.

Travel Finder is a mobile app I am planning to develop. This app will let travelers find local guides; locals can post their own tour plans with specific times, places to visit, and fee along with their profiles, and travelers can contact the local guides to arrange the tours.

Kinisi is a mobile application where users can find their personal trainers online and they can have workout training through a video chat.

K in this logo represents a user enriching his lifestyle with workouts to be healthy.

The color psychology of orange is uplifting, rejuvenating people's spirit, which matches with the theme of the app.

- Other Design Ideas -

- Other Design Ideas -

Demco is Tallahassee's environmental specialist that provides construction services.

This logo was created to establish lasting relationships with the customers and gain their trust through its solid, masculine, and clean design and color. The design was inspired by a building and construction lines.

- Other Design Ideas -

- Other Design Ideas -

Collaborative Intelligent Infrastructure Lab (CI2) is a multidisciplinary research center to apply the idea of Internet of Things in everyday objects to transform the way people live and work.

The connected dots in the logo represent people, city, and objects in everyday life. Building a network between those is the purpose of the CI2 Lab.

- Other Design Ideas -


The whole application’s idea, concept, logo, and interfaces were created by myself. I chose the theme colors of light blue and yellow for this app to attract younger audience who are eager to travel around the world while meeting new people.


I also thought having a cute logo with a smiley face would make the app look user-friendly and reliable.


Each element in the logo identifies the app’s name, “Travel Buddy Finder”: Globe=Travel, Smiley face=Buddy, and Magnifying glass=Finder.


Construction J&C is a construction company in Sarasota, FL. 

This logo incorporates the elements of drill and hammer which represents their construction service.

- Another Design Idea -


Florida Animation Festival is a 4 day animation film festival taking place at All Saint Cinema in Tallahassee, Florida.

This logo incorporates the element of pixels which represents digital animation that is featured in the festival. Star is a symbol of Tallahassee City, which is also used in the Tallahassee logo.

4City is an urban mobility management project that the Center for Advanced Power Systems, Tallahassee, Florida is working on. The Center for Advanced Power Systems is a multidisciplinary research center to adopt the idea of Internet of Things by creating the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. 4City entitles "Citizen, Community, Connectivity, and Comobility in Cities." 

The logo represents the ides of 4City projects where people and the city are all connected via inter-networking. 

- Other Design Ideas -


- Other Design Ideas -


All American Adirondack is a Tallahassee - based furniture company in Florida, offering adirondack chairs as their main products.

This logo incorporates the elements and colors of American flag and an adirondack chair.

- Other Design Ideas -


The Gorgeous Genius provides a tutoring service to children and mentors their parents to help the children learn "how to learn." The Gorgeous Genius is based in Tallahassee, Florida, but it is expanding the service outside of the state.

A butterfly is an element the CEO of the Gorgeous Genius wanted to incorporate in the logo, which is a symbol of gorgeousness. 

- Another Design Idea -


Own Drum is a video production group that features their comedy shows on YouTube.

The inspiration for this logo is their entertainment style in their videos consisting of a full of jokes, which come out from their "mouth." This logo combined their production team name "Drum"and "mouth."


- Another Design Idea -


Radiology Associates of Tallahassee is an organization of certified radiologists who sub-specialize in all areas of diagnostic and interventional radiology. 

They wanted to redesign the logo to look more modern and simple.

- The Original Logo -

- Other Design Ideas -


Ruby Red Marketing is a marketing firm which has clients from across the United States and overseas.

Ruby is the CEO's name and the logo was redesigned to look cleaner and more modern. 

- The Original Logo -

- Other Design Ideas -


The International Programs at Green River Community College, Auburn, WA, is an organization that offers international students who came to study at the college any help and support they need to get better knowledge in the culture and language or live comfortably in the United States. 

Green River Community College is surrounded by trees and its official theme color is dark green. This logo incorporates the tree that symbolizes the college and its light green color gives more friendly, welcoming impression on international students who are insecure and worried about their new life in a different country. 


Bom Dia is an imaginary Brazilian Bakery made up for a Graphic Design class's assignment.

A chef carrying bread and its brown and cream colors give viewers an impression of cosy, warm bakery with the smell of handmade bread.


Kanyu is an online platform where students can easily find jobs that pay cash on the day they are on the platform. 

What differentiates from the original logo is the easiness to find the checkmark in the logo. Having two colors creates more dynamic depth in the logo and professionalism.

- The Original Logo -

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