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I am Honoka Hamano.
I am a hydrogenous designer.



I am Honoka Hamano, an ambitious user interface designer with 5 years of design experience. I have collaborated with clients across the United States as well as in Japan for various projects which include: logos, websites, magazine ads, posters, business set, social media graphics and T-shirts.
​Diverse clients include law firms, medical clinics, retail, restaurants, education, artists, and non-profits.


I am here to help you develop your business's brand strategy and graphics for the product illustrations, company logos, and websites.

Because Honoka Hamano is different.

I am unhindered because I am the lightest element in the entire universe.

I do not follow the rules the world made.

I soar freely through the Universe with my creativity.


The hydrogen power I create as a designer has a dynamic energy which amazes the universe. 

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