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I am Honoka Hamano.
I am a hydrogenous
ui/graphic designer.

Because Honoka Hamano is different.

I am unhindered because I am the lightest element in the entire universe.

I do not follow the rules the world made.

Instead, my creativity soars freely through me and everything I touch, creating hydrogen energy that allows me to envision dynamic solutions to the most intricate puzzles.


I am Honoka Hamano, an ambitious user interface/graphic designer with 5 years of design experience. I have collaborated with clients across the United States as well as in Japan for various projects which include: logo, website, magazine ad, poster, business set, social media graphic and T-shirt design.
​Diverse clients include law firms, medical clinics, retail, restaurants, education, artists, and non-profits.


I am here to help you develop your business's brand strategy and graphics for the company logos, websites, and product illustrations.

Specializing in
Your website will be the face of your business. Let's build a site that meets modern standards and attract customers.
UI/Web Design
Appeal your audience through outstanding design both on digital and traditional media.
Ad Design
Your logo will be your life-time business partner. Make sure to make it standout so customers remember you.
Logo Design
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